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✧I help you find and stay true to yourself✧

Hi! I'm Tracy Konane

I'm a life/identity coach for significant others who:


1). Have lost themselves in their relationship



2). Have never had a chance to learn how to be themselves

So, you've realized how much you depend on your partner for your identity.


You can't imagine life without them.


You can barely imagine what you'd do if they were away for a weekend.


And it's more than just really enjoying time with them...


It's feeling reliant on them, needing them -- in order to feel stable and okay in life.

And deep down, you want to feel more independent, less affected, and confident in who you really are.

But that also sounds scary.

You just want to be convinced by someone who understands, to show you exactly how.


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The hardest part was feeling like no one understood how confusing it was:

  • I'd be excited to change, then I'd find myself back in my usual habits the next day.

  • The things I used to like no longer felt as exciting, so I didn't know if that was even "me" anymore.

  • I was afraid that if I was my true self, I wouldn't be attractive.

  • Self-love seemed boring, even though logically it sounded desirable.

  • I couldn't imagine an exciting or rewarding life unless my partner was the center of it.

I am creating a special place to help you make sense of all of this -- and have fun while doing it.

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