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"Something has to change!"

But I had tried everything.

...Except self-love.

I would revolve my life around my boyfriend, sit around while he was working or playing video games, waiting for him to give me love and attention.

I'd take him into consideration for everything -- from what clothes I bought for myself, to what movies I watched, to what I planned to do on the weekend.

I knew our love languages, I worked on our communication, I always made time for us. I always listened to his wants and needs. 

I was trying everything I could think of to be the best girlfriend for him.

But it wasn't 

As a serial monogamist, codependent, doormat, and "crazy" girlfriend... I relied on boyfriends to make me feel happy, loved, and worthy for most of my adult life. When everything was good, I felt good! But when things felt uncertain or difficult, I fell apart. I was constantly insecure, moody, anxious. I lived in fear of not being good enough for him. I'd done everything I could possibly think of to fix things, and nothing was working. I was at my wit's end, and you probably are too.

About Tracy

I'm a certified life coach and have a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Information Science. (I was originally going to be a librarian!)

I've worked extensively in bars & restaurants and consider it a major credential in navigating human relationships and practicing self-love.


I was born and raised in Hawaii and am currently living in nutty Hollywood, California with my adorable boyfriend of 13+ years, and approximately 6 plants.


🡫Read my story below!🡫

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