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i help you Have self-love
in your relationship

Do you want to feel self-love no matter what's going on in your relationship?

I know it feels like the REAL solution is to make your partner love you more, so then you'll feel love and happiness.

But here's what's actually happening:

1. You anxiously try to do more for your partner

2.There is a loving moment and you feel happy!

3. The moment always fades, you feel insecure again, and you're back at number one.

You're not getting closer to love and happiness.

You're on an endless hamster wheel of anxiousness and insecurity.

This is why you feel hopeless: your partner is the only way to feel love and happiness towards yourself.

And when you're relying so much on your partner, it creates conflict and instability in your relationship and life.


There's nothing wrong with you.

It's just that no one's taught you how to have your own love in your relationship.

You're not too sensitive, needy, or crazy. 

You're only like this because you're sacrificing so much of your time, energy, and emotions...and not actually getting anywhere.

But there is another way.

When you can feel self-love on your own, you will no longer feel so anxious and reliant on your partner.

You will become happier, calmer, and much more loving and fun to be matter what's going on.

Self-love is a skill that you can learn.

Just like driving a car, cooking, or playing an instrument.

Self-love is no different.

You can learn how to do it, no matter where you're starting from right now.

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