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I teach you how to stop relying on your partner, and start feeling love from the inside-out.

I know that transitioning into self-love after relying on your partner for so long feels walking into the great unknown.

I've been right where you are.
I felt so lost, scared, and uncertain.

"How do I even do this? What if it doesn't work? What if I'll be alone forever??"

I'd been trying to do more things on my own, pick up new hobbies, not think about what he was doing....

But I still painfully yearned for him to love me more. I still desperately needed him to make me feel like everything was ok.

And deep down I knew that if I could only figure out how to feel love on my own -- a whole new life would open up for me and I'd become a completely different person.

Now, I am a completely different person.

I love my relationship --it is the healthiest and happiest it's ever been -- and I myself have never felt better.

My whole life makes sense. I feel good about who I am, and his love is the frosting on that cake. 

I love being with him and I miss him when we're apart, but I don't ache and obsess and wither without his love.

I surprise myself at how easily and gracefully I handle things that once used to instantly make me freak-out and spiral downward.

Everything in my life has changed in ways I couldn't even imagine when I was stuck relying on him.

And I didn't have to go live alone in the mountains.

I didn't have to force myself to ignore him.

I didn't even have to learn to accept myself as I am or let go of caring how he feels.

I only had to focus on 3 things.

And they felt straightforward, freeing, and even fun.


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