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Is self-love the one thing
you haven't tried in your relationship?


I know it feels like the REAL solution depends on your partner.

But here's what's actually happening:


1. You anxiously adjust yourself for them.

2. There is a happy moment and you feel good!

3. But the moment always fades, you feel insecure again, and you're back at number one.

But you've been focusing on them for a long time, and it just isn't working.

You're tired of worrying, wishing, and wondering.

You're at your wit's end.

You just want to figure out how to actually be happier... regardless of what's going on with your partner.


There is a much better way.

If you:

  • Are exhausted from trying so hard to fix the relationship

  • Feel negative and on-edge in a way that you can't seem to control

  • Are anxious and upset during moments that should feel happy

  • Constantly fretting over what your partner is thinking, feeling, doing...

Then the solution isn't to spend more time and energy exhausting yourself over your partner, just to get the same stressful result.

That's what's making you feel hopeless and "crazy".


The real answer is to have self-love. 

Not the aesthetic self-love that looks cute on Instagram but leaves you with the same problems.

But real, practical, self-love that actually fixes problems and moves you forward.

Is self-love the one thing that's missing?

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