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Have your own identity and

in your relationship

Have you lost yourself in your relationship?

It can feel lonely and painful to admit that your partner is your whole life and identity.

You do love your partner.

But you also want a better, more emotionally-healthy life.

A life where you care about your partner, but aren't constantly fretting over them.

Where you have your own identity, and aren't so easily affected by every little thing that they do.

Where you're not waiting for something in your relationship to get better, for you to feel and do better.



You're not too sensitive, needy, or crazy. 

You're only like this because you've d.

But there is one thing you haven't tried:


Real self-love. 

Not just going through the motions and doing surface-level things that feel forced and pointless.

But actually learning how to do it in a way that makes a big difference.

I teach self-love in a practical, real way that will transform .

Just like learning how to drive a car, cook, or play an instrument...

Self-love is no different.

You can learn how to do it and bring more wellbeing, calm, and presence into your relationship -- and entire life.

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