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I nurture you into fully loving and being yourself.


It doesn't matter how much you've done and achieved, and how far you've made it as an adult -- it still hurts inside to have never known how to be yourself or feel love towards yourself.

Sometimes we can be surrounded by people who love us, and still feel invisible.

And if you've never had the experience of being nurtured and upheld as who you really are -- it can feel unfathomable to imagine doing it on your own.

That is why I want to spend a year together.
I'm here to see you.

To pick up from where life failed to nurture you into yourself, and to help show you and guide you into being who you really are.

And when you know how to be yourself -- you will feel love towards yourself. That's how you know you're doing it right.

You will feel love that feels like quiet confidence, inner peace and stability, self-assured direction and meaningful purpose.

And feeling this way will change everything from there on out.

Identity Love Year 

In our year together, my promise to you is that you will know who you really are, and feel love towards yourself.

You won't be confused about how to be yourself, what you want, or what is best for you.

You will feel stronger, grounded, and sane in your relationships and never have to worry about losing yourself again.

We we nurture and love your identity in such a way that you will understand exactly who you are and always have a clear path going forward that makes sense to your soul.

Identity Love Year is:

30 x 1hr one-on-one sessions
for 12 months


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