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You are not just your job title, relationship status, family role, or achievements.


You are a human being with a soul.

You once were a child who loved discovering and being itself.

Until you were taught that you had to appease others to earn love and happiness.

And so in the chaos of adult life, you’ve lost touch with who you really are.

And society tells us to stay in our labeled boxes and keep proving our worth until we die.

And we feel lonelier, more anxious, and unhappier than ever before.

All because no one takes us aside, gently shakes our shoulders, and says:

In order to feel happier, you must be happier with yourself.


Book a 1hr Session with me

As a certified life coach, identity specialist, and recovering codependent, I am here to be of guidance and encouragement through your own journey of finding yourself.

Whether you just need a single session for clarity here and there, or you want consecutive coaching for full support through a period of time; I am offering single sessions to book as needed.

(60 mins via Zoom)

Book below!⬇️

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