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 love your own identity
So you can stop living to please someone else, and feel good being yourself

When your identity is attached to someone else ...

  • Your happiness depends on their happiness

  • You try to do everything right, but never get to enjoy it

  • Small things become a heavy, anxious ordeal

  • You pretend to be "normal", to exhaustion

  • Self-love feels unnatural and out of reach

  • Therapy, mindfulness, and self-improvement help a lot, but it still feels like you're missing something 

You don't need more positive thinking and emotional control.

You need your own identity.

Identity is the missing piece to self-love and feeling good in your own skin.

Hi! I'm Tracy

I coach people who've spent their lives trying to be good for somebody else, and never had a chance to be themselves.

I don't help you to "just be yourself".

I teach you how to enjoy being yourself.

To actually feel good as yourself.

To love being yourself.

It's not just for people who were born a certain way. 

It is something you can learn at any stage in life.

One you feel good being yourself, you'll never go back to losing yourself in someone else.

identity coaching


What would your life be like if it felt good to be you?

Who this IS for:

  • You've struggled to understand how to actually "just be yourself"

  • You've been doing self-work / therapy /  healing, but feel like you're missing something

  • You're skeptical about being able to enjoy being yourself...but you want to believe

  • You have a strong desire to be your best self

Who this is NOT for:

  • You aren't willing to think in new ways and put new ideas into practice

  • You are struggling mentally / emotionally in a way that would be better supported by a mental health professional

  • You want someone else to change first

  • You want quick-fix life hacks rather than deep lasting transformation

When you coach with me, you'll see everything that's right about you, instead of what's wrong with you.

If you want to know what it's like to actually enjoy being yourself, book a free consult below to get coached by me now.

Identity Coaching:

1-on-1 sessions:

Weekly zoom meetings for 6 months


Bi-weekly zoom meetings for 12 months

Your investment:


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“She is helping to lead you to your own truth rather than trying to prescribe a box for you to fit into.”

Alexa W

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