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Have your own identity 
and love yourself
in your relationship

But here's what's actually happening:

1. You anxiously adjust yourself for them.

2. There is a happy moment and you feel good!

3. But the moment always fades, you feel insecure again, and you're back at number one.

I know it feels like the REAL solution is to make your partner love you more.

It feels like if you worry enough about being right for them, you'll eventually get to a place where you'll love being yourself.

You're not moving closer to loving yourself.

You're on a hamster wheel of endless "improving" that only leads to more insecurity and inner emptiness.

You're giving so much, yet never getting what you really want.

This is why you're emotional, exhausted, and saying, "Something's gotta change!"


There's nothing wrong with you. 

It's the hamster wheel.

You're not too sensitive, needy, or crazy. 

You're only like this because you're sacrificing so much of your time, energy, and emotions...for so little in return.

It doesn't make any sense.

And we feel hopeless because we're trying to stay convinced that doing what isn't working is the best thing to do.

But there is another way.

Instead of taking so much responsibility for their happiness -- you could put that effort towards learning how to love being yourself.

And finally start feeling good on your own.


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